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At this point I've had an active gallery here at DeviantArt for about two months (the actual date I registered was in Septemeber, but I'd done so until December XD). My experience here has been far better than I ever imagined it would be thanks to all you wonderful, wonderful people who've been kind enough to offer your support/criticism/comments and/or watch me (300+ now! More than I ever expected :blushing:!!!). I'd just like to thank a few people in particular, who have made my stay here just *that* much more wonderful...

:iconsilentkitty: A million thank you's for your support of my Alucard piece for the Daily Deviation. I really appreciate it! :hug:

:icontanqexe: WTF. You die now. I don't make sammich's for NOBODY!!!! Hahaha XD. Perhaps *you* should stop berating yourself too :p. Though you came to DA after I did, it's still really nice to have a pchat buddy here :). Especially one who I can give me Math/Physics/Elec.Engineering support as well

:iconbeardswin::iconwoefulinfinity::iconroleychiu: and :iconlook: You all are always, always so supportive of my work a million thanks, and ten cookies go to you :) Your comments always bring a smile to my face, no matter how dreary my day :).

:icondoctajules: You freak X_X. Lets pchat the GEODUCK MORE! Hehehe XD. FOBNURDS. We gotta make those Capacitor/Resistor songs..... :stab:

:iconkelvinz: My brother :). MY FRIEND. HAH. Hehehe, thanks so much for always being honest with your opinion of my art... I know I can always turn to you to tear a piece of mine apart (and I really apprecaite it...honestly~). Thanks just for being a cool brother too!. Anyone interested in photography should visit his gallery!

And the rest of you too... Thanks a million, and sorry for the spammage!!! :hug:~! DA is a nice break from all the College work *_*!
Thank you all so much for the Daily Deviation support :)!!!! I was completely overwhelmed by the support/kind words/constructive criticism! I'm glad to be part of a nice community like this :). I'm so sorry it took me nearly 5 days to thank people, and reply to your comments, but I did try and respond to almost every single one of them! 700 Messages in one day is CRAZY ^^!!!! I'm honoured :worship:. Thanks again, and please keep watching!

I thought I'd also include a new progress (maybe 70%) of the Becoming Real image.... It's still very very rough and un-finalized in tons of places, so be gentle :). All the same, any crits/comments are welcome! This is my first try at cyber-y stuff... I can't rip completely away from fantasy even if I try so far, but I'd love some cyber/cyberpunk tips!…

Stuff to draw next:

-Zaku + Zeon soldier of DOOM (I want to make it Char, but I think I'll draw MYSELF IN >:D) !!!!! IN SAND! BLAAHHH! Yay Gundam :).
-Shinobi. New-school Shinobi. God I love Shinobi. For people who've played the PS2 version, any tips (besides patience and luck) on how to beat the damn stage with the doggies with knives in their mouthes is UBERLY APPRECIATED XD. MMmmmMMMmmmm Hotsuma :D~~~~.

Thanks once again!

//Edit: Sorry sorry sorry! I forgot to mention that I really must apologize to all you wonderful people who left comments on my front/general page X_X. I guess there's no way I can go through the old comments and reply to them? X_X I really appreciated them all, it's just I can't see them anymore T_T (or can I?)!!!
Oh my goodness!!! It is such an honour to wake up and find that my views have nearly tripled, and a gabillion comments in my box!!! I never thought I'd have a Daily Deviation^^!!!! :O Thank you all so much *_*. I would go through and try to reply right now, but I have a Physics midterm (tomorrow) to study for^^;;;. Silly school XD! Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Thank you again you wonderful people! and I will get around to replying (to hopefully all) of your kind kind words!!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :worship:
To sayyyy thank you all so much for all the positive feedback you've all been so generous with! If I didn't reply to you (I think I tried to reply to everyone X_X), I am *awfully sorry* >_<. Hopefully I will not miss you again!!! XD Anyway ermmm... also I updated the Alucard (…, and Holiday Angel (… pieces with higher-res images (for more detail and whatnot), and also added detail face-shots to the Sasuke Child (… and Itachi out of the Shadows (… pics :) If you want to see plez gooo~~~ Otherwise please ignore! Heheheh...

Greh, must do my Calc and Physics homework.... College is so time consuming X_X!!! But I love it :D Heheheh anyway... thank you all again !!! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug:
"I react strongly to images that have no obvious answer to their mysteries. If there is a key to their construction, they are simply illustration. Meaning is meaningless to me. I do not care for symbolism and I paint what I paint without medating on a story." -Zdzislaw Beksinski